ODF: McKenzie River Corridor Will Be Treacherous After Major Fire Subsides

Sep 14, 2020

The Holiday Farm Fire has displaced hundreds of people from their homes and businesses.  And while the fire is slowly being fought back and increasingly contained, an official warns there are short --and long-term-- risks to returning to the affected areas. 

Rock-littered highway in the vicinity of the Holiday Farm Creek Fire, taken September 9, 2020.
Credit Inciweb

Marcus Kauffman of the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) says burned vegetation and destroyed trees could send rocks and debris falling, blocking roads and injuring people. As for the rainy season ahead…

“We’ll see debris slides, falling trees, rock slides, potentially mud slides," said Kauffman.  "So those are kinda some of the things that’re going to be happening in the McKenzie River corridor as the winter season comes on us.”

While the Holiday Farm Fire’s aftermath is a ways from being fully assessed, it’s definitely changed the landscape – and the lives of residents – for a long time.

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