Senator Wyden Proposes Taxing E-Cigarettes To Discourage Use Among Teens

Oct 5, 2019

As the vaping industry continues to reel from a string of user fatalities and illness, Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden is pushing a federal tax on e-cigarettes.

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (in back near left, with green tie) recently joined local health officials and area high school students to discuss vaping.
Credit Provided by Hank Stern / Senator Ron Wyden's Office

Wyden says his legislation would expand the definition of taxable tobacco products to include e-cigarettes.  The excise tax he’s seeking would be equal to those currently applied to cigarettes, or $1.01 per pack of 20.

A Lane County public health official says vaping among 11th graders has more than doubled since 2013.  Wyden says lately he’s been talking with youth about the dangers of e-cigarettes. 

“And I pointed out that in 1994, I got the tobacco executives under oath when I questioned them, and they all said that nicotine was not addictive," says Wyden.  "Which was a lie to the American people, and was key to getting a settlement with the tobacco companies.”

Wyden says with e-cigarette products taxed, use would decrease, particularly among younger users.

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