Support Program For Rural Queer Youth Nears First Anniversary

Dec 28, 2020

A program for LGBTQ youth on the coast is nearing its first year of operation in rural Lincoln County.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center.
Credit Photo provided by Beck Johnson.

Called The Bravery Center, its mission is to provide a safe space and mental health services for the queer community in the county and beyond.  Its founder and director, Beck Johnson, identifies as trans/non-binary.  While the pandemic has forced a virtual reworking of the Bravery Center, Johnson says its purpose remains the same: helping queer youth deal with prejudice, self-harm, rejection, and fear.

Beck Johnson, founder and director of the Bravery Center.
Credit Photo provided by Beck Johnson.

“All those things get intensely magnified. By factors such as increased isolation, lack of visibility, lack of awareness," Beck told KLCC.

"Often increased prejudice toward queer people and general lack of acceptance.  And there is quite often an absence of acceptable resources within their community.”

Johnson says Bravery Center is a program of Olalla Center, a non-profit group in Lincoln County. After the pandemic is over, there’ll be a grand opening in the Lincoln City Cultural Center. About 18 youth are currently participating.

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