Wayfair Wage Increase To Benefit Workforce, Including Springfield Employees

Jan 8, 2021

Boston-based retailer Wayfair has announced that it’s increasing U.S. worker pay to $15 an hour, effective this weekend. That helps some local workers.

Outside Wayfair's Springfield service center.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Wayfair is a furniture and home goods company. It employs nearly 17,000 employees in North America and Europe, which includes 200 workers in its Springfield service center.

This latest increase applies to permanent, part-time, and seasonal employees.  Many workers advocates have lobbied for $15 an hour, as a means towards a livable wage.

Wayfair doesn’t disclose worker’s wage history, but a Register-Guard article covering the center’s opening in 2019 suggested it would likely have paid $10.75 an hour…then Oregon’s standard minimum wage.

In a release, Wayfair also highlighted its help to workers during the pandemic, including emergency paid time off, bi-weekly family dinners, and childcare support.

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