Welcome to KLCC’s New Snowden Journalism Intern!

Jul 1, 2020

KLCC is pleased to welcome our 2020 Snowden Intern, Nathan Bouquet. Nathan, originally from California, graduated last month from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

KLCC’s News Director Rachael McDonald asked Nathan what got him interested in journalism. 

Nathan Bouquet in his home office in Eugene.
Credit Nathan Bouquet

I became interested in journalism while traveling during a gap year between high school and college. There were so many stories that I saw unfolding in front of me, and no one around to tell them. I found journalism to be an excellent combination of two of my interests: creative writing and objective storytelling. 

How was it finishing your school year online? 


Finishing my last term of college online was bittersweet. Though I missed out on most celebratory and social events that would have made for fun experiences, online classes gave me a smooth transition out of my undergraduate program and gave me more time to prepare for life after school.

As KLCC’s Snowden Intern, you are working remotely as part of COVID-19 protocols, tell us about your home office set up?


My two roommates coincidentally moved out of the house the same week that the internship started. I moved my desk upstairs into the living room to face  three huge windows that overlook beautiful trees and gardens by the street. I have space for all of my equipment--multiple voice recorders and microphones, a DSLR and flash, a tripod, headphones, my laptop, and my notebooks. Most importantly, I have room to think. 

What have you been covering so far for KLCC?



I have had the opportunity to cover protests for police reform and Black Lives Matter/LGBTQ+ rallies in person. Additionally, I have spoken with medical professionals about the outbreak of COVID-19 in Lane County, as well as the effects of the stay at home orders on families with young children. 

What are you hoping to accomplish in this internship?


I am hoping to become acquainted with different news writing styles, become more comfortable with the art of interviewing, and develop my portfolio of published work. I also want to make connections with professionals that have established themselves in the journalism industry.

What are some of your other interests and hobbies?


I am most interested in music production and going to live concerts. I am very physically active and enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, and traveling. I like to cook and read and draw as well.

Nathan Bouquet is with KLCC all summer thanks to the Charles Snowden Internship program administered by the UO School of Journalism and Communication. Nathan is KLCC’s fifth Snowden Fellow. Previous fellows are Kira Hoffelmeyer, Frannie Monahan, Alec Cowan, and Amy Brenneman.