Back To School Message To Parents: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

Sep 8, 2021

With the first day of school just around the corner, Lane County Public Health is doubling down on their messaging to parents: Get vaccinated.

Students in Lane County head back to school this week. Those under 12 are not eligible for vaccine and so they are most vulnerable to infection.
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Spokesperson Jason Davis said when they track COVID-19 cases in kids under 18, most infection starts with household transmission. The scenario can play out a couple ways.

“Where we have either a sick child who is unknowingly transmitting it throughout their household. And/or we have an unvaccinated parent—we’ve seen a number of different examples where an unvaccinated parent will inadvertently infect a child," he said. "The child then goes to a day care or a child care facility and the cases spread from there.”

Davis said health officials believe the virus will spread like this during the school year. He added educational staff are working hard to limit classroom transmission. However, COVID-19 is highly infectious and the best thing parents can do is get immunized.