Ballot Measures Would End Two Districts, Create New One For Roseburg Area Water And Sewer

May 6, 2021

Douglas County voters have the opportunity to dissolve two districts and form a joint authority for water and sewer services this special election.  

Credit Eliobed Suarez / Unsplash


Three separate ballot measures (10-181, 10-182, and 10-183) will do just that, according to David Campos, officer manager for the Roberts Creek Water District.  He told KLCC that the Green Sanitary District and his would be replaced by the Green Area Water and Sanitary Authority if voters approve the measures. 

“There could be scenarios where authority measure passes, but dissolution of the districts does not," explained Campos.

"In which case the authority can still assume the operations of the districts, and the districts would continue to exist basically in name only.  Like a shell entity.  So the authority would handle administration of the billing of the water and sewer services.” 

If approved, a new board would also have to be elected for the resulting authority.  Campos says this can look confusing as some members of the existing districts are also running for the new authority. 

The special election is May 18th. 

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