Bethel Superintendent Contract Renewed Through 2023

Jul 8, 2020


A photo of Bethel School District superintendent Chris Parra.
Credit Bethel School District

During Bethel School District’s virtual school board meeting, the board renewed Superintendent Chris Parra’s contract through 2023.

Parra said she did not request an increase in salary because she knows the district will be making some tough budgeting decisions.

“It’s a small gesture," said Parra. "It’s not going to make a huge difference, it’ll just feel better to me.”

School district staff said many superintendents across the country have not asked for salary increases due to the recession. 

The board also discussed implementation of house bill 1049 at their meeting.This means superintendents, such as Parra, are required to help select and mentor a new superintendent before they leave or retire.