Conservation Group Files Legal Case Against Bureau of Land Management

Aug 18, 2020

A conservation group is taking legal action against the Bureau of Land Management for its proposed logging in Thurston Hills near Springfield.


Forested area in Thurston Hills land
Credit Cascadia Wildlands

On Monday, Cascadia Wildlands filed a lawsuit against the Bureau for failing to follow its previous federal court order to revise its logging plan.


Cascadia’s Legal Director Nick Cady said the Bureau was originally supposed to develop a regional trail system in the Thurston Hills for mountain biking and hiking. Many neighboring Springfield residents protested logging due to fear of increased wildfire potential.


“This project started as them just going to build the trails and intentionally do some tree removal just to abate increased fire effects,” said Cady. “At some point along the line, BLM got orders from above that it needed to be a clear-cut logging project and it completely shifted.”


Cady said the court ordered a preliminary injunction to halt logging until a legal decision is made. Seneca Sawmill has agreed to postpone timber harvest until the spring.


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