Latest Roundup Wrangles Plethora Of Plastic From Lane County

May 3, 2019

Lane County officials have tallied up the amount of material taken in at its last Plastics Roundup in April.

Credit Lisa Risager /

7.49 tons of plastic were brought in. The county recorded over a thousand vehicles at the Glenwood Transfer Station.  “Community collectors” also gathered materials ahead of the event.

County spokesperson Devon Ashbridge says this is almost double the amount brought in at the first Plastics Roundup.  She adds  Denton Plastics signed on with waste management staff last year, to repurpose the material.

“They use the resin from those recycled plastics to create new products like park benches, flower pots, electronic component parts, things like that.”

Ashbridge adds “wishful recycling” is still an issue, with items like garden hoses and Christmas lights showing up in bins.  As to a third Plastics Roundup, that’ll be decided on in June.

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