Oregon Lawmakers Consider Changes To Mandatory Sentencing Law

Mar 23, 2021

Oregon lawmakers are considering a measure that would lead to major changes to the state’s mandatory minimum sentencing law known as Measure 11, which was approved by Oregon voters nearly 30 years ago.

Oregon lawmakers are considering changes to the Measure 11 mandatory sentencing law.
Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC



The bill would create sentencing guidelines for judges to use for felonies other than murder.

“We need to allow the court to take in all factors and all considerations as to making their determination as to what is the most appropriate sentence on a case-by-case basis," said Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene. "And I would assume the court will take all factors, including race and demographics, whatever it may be, in consideration with maybe their life and other experiences.”

Prozanski chairs the Oregon Senate's Judiciary Committee, which is debating Senate Bill 401.

Opponents say Measure 11 provides assurance to victims of violent crimes. In submitted testimony, the Oregon District Attorneys Association said Measure 11 "has kept Oregonians safe and provided justice to victims of violent physical and sexual assaults."


Changing the law would require two-thirds approval in both the Oregon House and Senate.