Pandemic Drives Up Lane County's Waste Levels

Mar 27, 2020

Lane County’s Waste Management Division had its busiest day in 5 years last Saturday as many residents use their time during the Coronavirus pandemic to clean house. 

Lane County Waste Management saw record numbers of people using it's transfer stations to get rid of household items that cannot be picked up by curbside service.
Credit Brian Bull

Manager Jeff Orlandini says visitors to the Glenwood station were not bringing typical black bags of household trash, but what looked like early spring cleaning.

Orlandini says having almost 1 thousand visitors in one day stresses the system and makes social distancing a challenge.

“We would prefer not to have that many people on site at the same time because we need our employees to stay healthy as well so that we can keep our system operating at full capacity.”

Orlandini also encourages people who are able to keep items at home, to do so until restrictions relax. Many people without curbside pickup rely on the stations for regular trash disposal.