Some Who’ve Fled Holiday Farm Fire Learn Homes Survived

Sep 13, 2020

Some evacuees from the Holiday Farm Fire are getting news on their homes’ survival. 

The Goodpasture Bridge is among the structures know to have survived the Holiday Farm Fire.
Credit Andy Nelson / Register-Guard/ pool

Bart Jones and his family left their place early Tuesday morning after the fast-moving fire prompted level 3 evacuations for residents along the McKenzie River. Jones says he found out his home was still there and even got permission to go back to pick up his wife’s medication.

“Kind of on the move ever since then, this is our 3rd hotel. But the family’s safe. The cats are safe. Really feeling for the people of Oregon. We just moved here a month ago.”

Jones moved here from Montana and quickly fell in love with the area.  He’s heard heartbreaking stories from people who’ve lost their homes.

“Chatted with a gentleman that was maybe in his mid-40s.  Just a big burly guy, had tears in his eyes and just looked down and said, ‘I built my house with these 2 hands and now it’s gone.’ You just felt for him, all you could do was I gave him my number and said, ‘Well, if it’s gone, and you need someone to help raise a wall, give me a call. I’ll come help you.”

Jones says he’s never seen a fire like this before. 

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