Threatened Shorebird Protected On Oregon Beaches

Mar 17, 2021

It’s that time of year again when Oregonians are asked to help protect the nesting areas of a small coastal shore bird.

The western snowy plovers are masters at camouflage. They nest in dry sand along Oregon's beaches.
Credit Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

The western snowy plover is threatened. In 1993, the known population dropped to 55 breeding adults.

“But thanks to strong cooperation from beach visitors and public agencies we’re up over 500 breeding adults now.”

Chris Havel is with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. He said from now until September, visitors along stretches of beach will see signs and roped off areas. These dry, sandy spots are where the birds breed and rear their young.

Beach visitors may see signs like this indicating restricted areas to protect the threatened coastal shorebird.
Credit Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Havel said “plover beach” visitors may access wet, packed sand but all other recreation including dog walking, driving a vehicle and kit flying is off limits during nesting season.

“Plovers a beautiful part of the natural, wild Oregon beach,” Havel said. “We all enjoy seeing wildlife on our visits and we all play a part in making that possible.”

To see a detailed map of beaches where restrictions apply, click here