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Track fans, take note: A modified U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials is in the works. USA Track and Field announced an updated competition schedule today. The 10-day event, to be held at the new Hayward Field in Eugene, is slated to run June 18th through the 27th. 

Rachael McDonald

On this week's show we talk with clinical psychologist Dr. Shin Shin Tang with Oregon Mind Body Institute about mental health care and we put listener questions on the vaccine and Covid-19 to Dr. Patrick Luedtke with Lane County Public Health.

Hannah Austin

In January, Community Health Centers of Lane County closed its Prenatal Clinic. Many clients are in the Latinx community. The closure has created a gap in services-- which an emerging Birth Center is looking to fill.

Tiffany Eckert

Lane County’s weekly allocation of COVID-19 vaccine has increased to about 6,300 doses. Public Health will hold mass vax clinics this weekend at two different sites.

Benton County Historical Society

Black pioneers in Oregon are being honored with an exhibit at the Benton County Historical Society in Philomath. It's called "Black In Oregon: 1840 - 1870."


Karen Richards, via Zoom replay

After the Holiday Farm Fire, the McKenzie School District Board discouraged voters from passing a long-planned facilities bond. Now, the bond has been restructured for the May ballot.

Sgt. 1st Class April Davis, Oregon Military Department Public Affairs

Governor Kate Brown will hold a press availability February 26, at 11 a.m. to discuss Oregon's ongoing response to COVID-19. She will be joined by representatives from the Oregon Health Authority. You can tune in live to KLCC radio or watch the conference here. 

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Oregon expects its vaccine supply to increase sharply in the coming months — enough to open vaccination appointments to all adults by July 1. Oregon could open vaccine appointments to all adults by mid-summer, health officials will announce Friday.

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The Eugene Civil Liberties Defense Center filed an amended federal lawsuit against the city of Eugene and its police department this week. The filing names several officers whom they claim violated the rights of individuals during last year’s May 31st protest.

University of Oregon

The drop in Lane County’s COVID-19 risk level-- from Extreme to High--will affect some operations at the University of Oregon.

Dan Gleason

An outbreak of bacterial illness in finches has spurred some bird lovers to take down their backyard feeders. But local Eugene avian experts say that’s not necessary.


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Two Eugene schools were bestowed towering, hand-carved totem poles yesterday, by the 4J NATIVES program. 

Bruce Damonte

While many Oregonians have cloistered inside, working from home, a project that intends to significantly boost the Willamette Valley economy has quietly started operations. KLCC takes a look at the University of Oregon's Knight Campus

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“Making art from heartache” could be one way to describe a sculpture project that uses salvaged metal from the Holiday Farm Fire. The finished piece will honor the fortitude of McKenzie River Corridor residents.

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A new mobile app developed by PeaceHealth and the Eugene Marathon takes users on a guided tour highlighting Black History throughout Eugene. The program includes audio, video and descriptions of several events and landmarks.

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As the pandemic continues, so do scams. The newest twist involves pandemic puppies (or kittens.)

Ugandan woman holding a sledgehammer
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  This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s arts review program. You only have two more days to catch a pretty special exhibit at the Emerald Art Center, and I hope you do. Sponsored by Photography at Oregon, it’s called “HeadStrong: The Women of Rural Uganda” by photographer Dan Nelken.

Atrium Health

Sixteen Oregon counties will improve in their coronavirus risk level starting this Friday. Lane County will officially move down a category to “High" risk after months of operating at the "Extreme" risk level. 

Karen Richards

While many people complain of not knowing what day it is lately, Oregon high school sports are mixing up the seasons. Fall sports began their seasons Monday. That includes cross country, soccer and football, which the Oregon Health Authority cleared for competition just last week. 

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A Florence restaurant that continued to potentially expose employees to COVID-19 has been fined nearly $18,000.


Eugene Police are seeking the public’s help in finding those responsible for more than a dozen recent incidents of tire-slashing.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The nation’s first Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIP) report issued by a U.S. Attorney’s Office came out last week.  But comprehensive data -including that for Oregon - is still an issue.


Benton County says it’s planning another mass vaccination clinic in cooperation with Samaritan Health Services this Thursday and Friday (Feb. 25 and 26) at Reser Stadium in Corvallis.


Karen Richards

The Eugene 4J School District plans to return kindergarten and first grade to classrooms two days per week starting March 15th. If health metrics continue to improve and vaccines remain on schedule, they’ll invite 2nd through 5th grade back into schools on April 5th.

Karen Richards

Eugene 4J is on track to bring kindergarten and first grade students back into school buildings the week before spring break. In anticipation, elementary families recently had another chance to change their schooling option.

Christiana Rainbow Plews

Five months after the devastating Holiday Farm fire, the Upper McKenzie Fire District Chief announced she’ll take a leave of absence. The 30-year fire-fighting veteran will focus on her mental health.

Christiana Rainbow Plews

During last fall’s devastating wildfires, Oregon firefighters were on the front lines-- and the public was grateful. But the job takes a toll. The Institute of American Firefighters finds up to 37% of first responders meet the criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. KLCC has this story of a Lane County Fire Chief who recognized her distress and had the courage to ask for help.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Officials are seeing more scams pop up as coronavirus vaccine distribution continues  in Oregon. The old adage still applies: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 


Program Date: Feb. 19, 2021

Air Date: Feb. 22, 2021

This City Club program is the third in a three-part series on local housing issues.

From The City Club of Eugene:

Eviction has been described as “the nuclear option” to address disputes between tenants and landlords, and the most common cause of eviction is the nonpayment of rent. Evictions initiate a cycle of housing instability for the renter—especially in markets like Eugene with little available housing—and they are time-consuming, stressful, and expensive for the landlord.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The last five and a half months have been a struggle for residents of the McKenzie River Corridor. After the Holiday Farm Fire ravaged the area, winter brought floods, mudslides, and collapsing trees. But this weekend, three organizations converged on the town of Blue River, to give a helping hand.