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Oregon Country Fair’s Board of Directors says planning for the annual July event is on hold. Ticket sales, booth registration, and entertainer booking has been postponed.

In a statement released Saturday, fair organizers said they are consulting with attorneys, land use planners and other experts to see how the event might be rescheduled when the pandemic is controlled and restrictions on large gatherings are lifted.

Oregon Veterans' Home

The Oregon Veterans’ Home announced late Saturday that another one of their residents has died. The resident tested positive for COVID-19 on March 22 and had underlying medical conditions. 


State health officials say as of 8:00am today (April 4, 2020), there have been four more deaths caused by COVID-19.

The latest reports raise Oregon’s death toll from 22 to 26.

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said in a Saturday morninng tweet that Oregon will be sending 140 ventilators to help New York deal with the massive outbreak of COVID-19.

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For the past three weeks schools have closed and most public spaces have shut down in Oregon. This has homeless providers in Lane County concerned youth will fall under the radar as officials scramble to meet the needs of high-risk groups. Advocates are pushing for greater resources and funding, including a youth shelter.

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Eugene Saturday Market will not open tomorrow, April 4, as originally scheduled.

Oregon State University

Many Oregon State University undergraduate students who return to campus next fall will not face an increase in tuition.

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If you drive by the University of Oregon, in Eugene, you might see construction workers still on campus. That’s because Governor Kate Brown's stay-home order did not ban construction.

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While the coronavirus stimulus package will alleviate the burden for many Americans affected by the pandemic, an Oregon Congressman fears there’s confusion that could cause delays.

Oregon State University

The Oregon State University Board of Trustees voted Friday to create a campus police force.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the University of Oregon is making adjustments to prepare for financial hardships. On Thursday, the UO held a virtual town hall for employees to address concerns about funding.

City of Eugene

The City of Eugene has started mobilizing outreach teams to check on unhoused people this week. The groups offer food, water, and COVID-19 information.

The pandemic has left thousands of Oregonians without work and many are scrambling to pay bills. The Eugene Water and Electric Board saw a surge in customers seeking help on the first of the month.

Moss Crossing

Many cannabis shops are experiencing an economic “high” lately, as people seek to alleviate the stress of the pandemic. Yet, as KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, dispensary owners also know they’ve few alternatives should they go under.

Oregon State University

A hospital in Covallis got some help from an unusual source in its fight against COVID-19: The veterinary lab at Oregon State University.

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An allergy specialist says tree pollen is in the air now, with grass pollen coming out soon throughout the Willamette Valley. 

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Last night, the Eugene 4J school board unanimously approved a contract with external consultants to help with the selection process for the one-year interim superintendent position.

Major accolades continue to pile on for some of the University of Oregon’s star athletes.

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Several law enforcement agencies in Oregon are now delivering prescriptions to people at risk of getting COVID-19. 

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A Veneta company is taking on COVID-19 in the best way it knows how.

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Lane County Public Health officials say healthy individuals do not need to wear masks, despite some conflicting opinions.

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Passenger traffic is down sharply at the Eugene Airport as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

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The combination of school closures, and the need for essential workers to be at their jobs, has increased the need for child care. Now, the Eugene YMCA has partnered with the city and five local school districts to provide free childcare for children of essential workers.

Eugene Public Library

Area libraries continue to provide services while their doors are closed. From phone help to online materials and streaming programming, they’ve shifted their focus.

Abbott Laboratories

Lane County is hoping to get shipments of a new rapid test for COVID-19 as soon as next week. The Abbott test was developed by a company in California. 

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The City of Eugene has added more public bathrooms and handwashing stations around the city. It’s an effort to help people prevent the spread of COVID-19 by washing their hands frequently.

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Lane County

The Lane County Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to buy a $1.8 million building in Eugene. The site will serve as a place to house homeless people experiencing, and recovering from non-severe COVID-19 symptoms. This also includes those waiting to get test results back.

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In an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the Eugene 4J School District will hold its Wednesday board meeting virtually. The meeting will be broadcasted live on KRVM and online streaming. 

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During the University of Oregon’s online town hall yesterday, President Michael Schill announced they have created a student crisis fund to provide $1 million in support.