City of Eugene

The Eugene City Council will consider a proposed payroll tax to fund expanded public safety. The tax would be paid by employers and employees and generate an estimated $22.8 million a year.

Jonathan McIntosh /

The head of a Latino support group in Eugene says he’s troubled by President Trump’s national emergency declaration to secure border wall funds.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Dozens gathered in downtown Eugene today for a groundbreaking ceremony. It kicked off the 5th Street Public Market expansion…the largest private commercial development in the city’s history. 

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Nearly $3.5 million in federal grants are coming to Lane County, to tackle homelessness. 

More than a thousand criminal justice experts are gathering in Salem this week to compare strategies on reducing crime in their communities. The event is called the Justice Reinvestment Summit.

The idea of “justice reinvestment” is to apply public safety dollars to programs such as addiction and mental health treatment as a way of reducing the number of people behind bars. The resulting savings are reinvested back in the community.

Melorie Begay

Minority Voices Theatre, in collaboration with the University of Oregon and the Very Little Theatre, will produce its first full production this month. The play is a part of an ongoing effort to increase theatre involvement among marginalized communities. 

Chris Lehman / KLCC

The Willamette Valley town of Independence will get some help in its efforts to position itself as a leader in rural tech innovation. The Polk County community of around 10,000 people is just a 15 minute drive from the state capitol, but its economy has long been focused on agriculture.

Lane County

Several immigrant rights groups testified to Lane County’s Board of County Commissioners, on Tuesday.  They expressed concerns about allegations the Lane County Sheriff is unlawfully assisting in Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests.

Andrew Kumler

The U.S. Senate Tuesday passed a public lands package that includes protections for the Devil’s Staircase in Oregon. Conservation groups are hopeful the legislation will also be approved in the House.

City of Eugene

A three-day workshop on developing new concepts for Eugene’s River Road Corridor started today. 

Eugene Police Department / Lane County DA Office

The Eugene Police Department is carrying out an internal review of a deadly force incident outside of Cascade Middle School last month. 

City of Eugene

A historic building on the riverfront in Eugene could get a makeover and become a local gathering place. Public input is sought on plans for the steam plant building.

Recorded On: February 8, 2019

Air Date: February 11, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

Since it began in 1990, City Club of Eugene has been led by 30 presidents.  Eight of them will share their insights about the founding and early history of the club and how it has evolved over the years.  They will talk about the achievements and disappointments during their presidencies.  More importantly, they will explain what they think City Club means to Eugene and what they would like to see in the City Club of tomorrow.


Deadline Approaches For School Immunizations

Feb 11, 2019
Oregon Public Health Division

As the Pacific Northwest grapples with the recent measles outbreak, Oregon’s School Exclusion Day is around the corner. Parents have until February 20th to ensure their children’s immunizations are up to date or receive an exemption.


A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for the Central and South Willamette Valley, as well as the central Oregon coast until 7 pm Saturday. That advisory is extended until 10 pm Saturday for Central Douglas County and Sunday morning at 7 am for Central Oregon.

Melorie Begay

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, today. They demanded that the sheriff address allegations that officers used state resources to aid arrests made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Thomas Hawk /

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana at the federal level.

Oregon State University /

People who fly their drones too close to airplanes would face stiffer penalties under a measure up for a possible vote in the Oregon Senate's Judiciary Committee on Monday.

Tyler Haycraft

If you’re a beer aficionado who likes developing strength, flexibility, and a sense of well-being, you’ll want to roll out a mat at the annual KLCC Brewfest this weekend.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on the trend of “beer yoga.”


The House of Representatives has approved a bill (Wednesday) that would create an earthquake earthquake early warning system off the west coast.

The Roseburg Veterans Administration Medical Center has hired a new permanent director. 

Tia Barnes

A group of youth took to the streets of Eugene last week to hand out care packages to people experiencing homelessness. The bags contained standard items like deodorant and toothpaste—and a mental health maintenance kit.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Startups in rural Lane County are getting a boost, through a new hire at one of the region’s non-profits.

Craig Cheshire in his Portland home studio
Sandy Brown Jensen

Craig Cheshire at Karin Clarke's "Five Oregon Painters"


More than 200 people will soon be out of a job as RV-manufacturer Winnebago says it’s shutting down production at its factory in Junction City.  Three years ago, Winnebago acquired the dormant motorhome plant and ramped up production.

Snowy Weekend Ahead

Feb 5, 2019
Brian Bull

As we head into the weekend, the Southern Willamette Valley can expect a little more least one or two more dustings over the next week.

Lane County

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office denies allegations made by several immigrant rights groups, suggesting his department unlawfully aided Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Sheriff Byron Trapp says at no time was anyone instructed to violate any policy, referring to Oregon’s sanctuary laws.

Oregon Department of Transportation

For the next few weeks, law enforcement officials will be out all across Oregon, stressing the proper use of child safety seats and seatbelts.

Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson says he is scaling back his work schedule even more as he continues cancer treatments.

Oregon Lawmakers Will Hit Road To Sell Cap-And-Trade

Feb 5, 2019

The cap-and-trade bill introduced in Salem last week could be one of the more divisive bills this Legislative session. The bill would force Oregon’s top polluters to pay for the greenhouse gases they emit, and it would gradually decrease how many emissions are allowed.