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The Lane County Courthouse bond failed, 58% - 41% on Tuesday.

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Recent abortion bans and restrictions in states like Alabama have fired up reproductive rights advocates across the U.S.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, activists in Eugene took part in protests today.

City of Eugene

The City of Eugene is holding a community meeting this Wednesday to imagine a new future for the Park Blocks. 

As part of the effort to develop downtown, the city wants to recreate the Park Blocks into a town square that better meets the needs of the community.

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A group wants Lane County commissioners to use their authority to put two issues before voters next year.

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If you want to vote in the May 21 election, you’ll have to return your ballot by using a drop box. It’s too late to mail ballots to ensure they’ll arrive on time.

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Government bodies would have a financial incentive to respond to public records requests under a bill moving through the Oregon legislature.

Under existing Oregon law, local governments and state agencies have to provide public records within 15 days of being asked, with some exceptions. House Bill 2353 would allow Oregon’s attorney general, judges or district attorneys to levy a $200 fine on government bodies that don’t respond quickly enough.

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President Trump’s self-declared business savvy suffered recently when a New York Times article deduced he lost over a billion dollars in a decade.  His losses in the late 80s through the mid 90s were enough that the real estate mogul avoided paying taxes.

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The pre-funding of health benefits for U.S. postal retirees would end, if a bill backed by Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio becomes law.

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$2 trillion is on the table for nationwide transportation and infrastructure improvements, according to Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio. 

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Ballots are being mailed in Oregon starting Wednesday for the May 21 election.

There aren’t any statewide races to decide. But voters in most Oregon communities will decide on school board seats, along with races for community college boards and fire districts.

Voters in some areas will consider tax levies. That includes the Eugene School District, which is asking for approval of a five-year, $91 million operating levy. Lane County voters will also consider a request for $154 million in bonds to build a replacement for the 60-year-old county courthouse.

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A May Day rally drew hundreds of people to the Oregon Capitol on Wednesday. They were urging lawmakers to pass House Bill 2015, which would allow people to get an Oregon driver’s license without proof of legal U.S. residence.

Chris Lehman / KLCC

Voters in Corvallis will decide in May whether to approve a tax levy that would fund the city’s library, parks and swimming pool.

U.S. Embassy - Bern, Switzerland

Many critics of Donald Trump were upset when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said recently that the president wasn’t “worthy” of impeachment. 

Another House Democrat, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, says there is a better option at the moment.

Recorded On: April 19, 2019

Air Date: April 22, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

Congressman Peter DeFazio was first elected to the U.S. Congress in 1986. He shares his thoughts on the need to invest in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and make it more resilient to climate change, while also reducing the impact of transportation on the environment.

City of Eugene

Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz will deliver his 2020 budget to the City Council on Wednesday. He calls the $677 million spending plan a solid one.

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Former Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes agreed to a settlement with a state ethics panel Friday over allegations that she used her position for personal benefit.

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Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio is among those blasting President Trump, for tweeting a video that makes a Muslim Congresswoman appear dismissive of the 9-11 attacks.

Recorded on: April 12, 2019

Air Date: April 15, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

Lucy Vinis, Eugene’s mayor joins us once again as she enters her third year of office.  In her State of the City Address on January 3rd she outlined four major priorities:

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The state of Oregon wants to make sure all of its residents are counted during next year’s census. Gov. Kate Brown kicked off the efforts Monday at the state capitol.

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It’s been almost 150 years since the Modoc War ended in 1873. The conflict began when Indigenous leaders resisted forced removal by the federal government. If passed, a new resolution in the state legislature would commemorate Modoc casualties

City of Corvallis

Voters in Corvallis approved the city’s first ever Urban Renewal District during a special election this month. The district includes a section of the city known as South Corvallis. 

Rachael McDonald / KLCC

Lane County voters will decide in May whether to fund a newcourthouse. The Elections office certified ballot title language formeasure 20-299 this week.

Recorded On: March 8, 2019

Air Date: March 11, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

Public opinion surveys in Oregon, as well as nation-wide, have consistently shown strong bipartisan support for limiting political campaign contributions and increasing transparency requirements for big donors. Although there is a super majority of public support, Oregon’s Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that voter-passed campaign finance reforms violate Oregon’s constitution.


House Democrats  Friday introduced a resolution to block President Trump’s emergency declaration on border security. KLCC’s Rachael McDonald spoke with Springfield Democrat Peter DeFazio.

City of Eugene

The Eugene City Council will consider a proposed payroll tax to fund expanded public safety. The tax would be paid by employers and employees and generate an estimated $22.8 million a year.

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The head of a Latino support group in Eugene says he’s troubled by President Trump’s national emergency declaration to secure border wall funds.

Recorded On: February 8, 2019

Air Date: February 11, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

Since it began in 1990, City Club of Eugene has been led by 30 presidents.  Eight of them will share their insights about the founding and early history of the club and how it has evolved over the years.  They will talk about the achievements and disappointments during their presidencies.  More importantly, they will explain what they think City Club means to Eugene and what they would like to see in the City Club of tomorrow.


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U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana at the federal level.

Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson says he is scaling back his work schedule even more as he continues cancer treatments.

Oregon Lawmakers Will Hit Road To Sell Cap-And-Trade

Feb 5, 2019

The cap-and-trade bill introduced in Salem last week could be one of the more divisive bills this Legislative session. The bill would force Oregon’s top polluters to pay for the greenhouse gases they emit, and it would gradually decrease how many emissions are allowed.