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Oregon Secretary of State

A Roseburg man known for helping to stop a terrorist attack on a French train announced Thursday that’s running for Congress. In 2015, Alek Skarlatos and several others helped take down a gunman on a high speed train headed for Paris. The incident propelled him to worldwide fame, and landed him a slot on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars.”

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The Trump Administration announced changes to immigration regulations on Monday. It would penalize immigrants for using services like SNAP or Medicaid. Lane County’s food bank, however, wants people to know using their services won’t affect their immigration process.

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Oregon Democratic Senator, Ron Wyden, is calling for mandatory election security standards.

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A crowd gathered outside the Springfield Public Library’s plaza Tuesday, they want the local government to pass tougher gun laws, and to stand against white supremacy.

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More than 80 people showed up to Alton Baker Park in Eugene Tuesday night to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings in Japan. This year organizers planted a tree of peace. 

Lane County

A Eugene “God, Guns, and Trump Rally” is stirring controversy after organizers for the event encouraged participants to bring firearms. They plan to gather on Saturday afternoon at the Free Speech Plaza downtown.

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Oregon democratic senator, Ron Wyden, wants stronger action on gun control in response to the shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Three Oregon counties are establishing a regional committee ahead of the 2020 census. Each person recorded in the area represents $3,200 in federal funding.

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Mobility International USA, a nonprofit based in Eugene, is holding their 2019 Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability. It’s the 9th time they’ve hosted international delegates representing over a dozen countries. The idea is to create synergy among leaders from across the globe to advance disability rights and equity.

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President Trump’s war powers, ongoing climate change, and infrastructure development are among the topics Congressman Peter DeFazio hopes to discuss at some upcoming town halls in Oregon this week.

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It’s been over a year since U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley made his first diplomatic trip to a border facility in McAllen, Texas. Since then, the Oregon Democrat says not much has changed.

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Reversing course from a few months ago, Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio now says he favors possible impeachment proceedings against President Trump. 

City of Eugene

Two days after passing a resolution condemning white nationalism and alt-right activities, the Eugene City Council voted to amend it. The councilors unanimously approved the changes on Wednesday. 

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From the City Club of Eugene Website:

City of Eugene

The City of Eugene wants to transform the downtown park blocks into what it calls a “Town Square”.

Will Dowdy is the city’s urban Development Manager. He says the Town Square concept combines energy around the restoration of the downtown park blocks, a permanent home for the Lane County Farmer’s market and a new Eugene City Hall.

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Politicians and activists from Oregon continue their efforts to try to pressure the federal government. They want to change how Immigration and Customs Enforcement processes incoming migrants at the U.S.-Mexico Border.

City of Corvallis

Businesses and residents in Corvallis are seeing a new fee on their utility bills this month. The money will go toward hiring more firefighters and police officers.

The fee was approved by Corvallis City Council and will cost the about $17 per month per single-family home. The city expects the new fees to bring in about four-and-a-half million dollars per year.

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A city council proposal could change the name of Washington-Jefferson Park to honor the man who helped create it.

National Parks Service

Oregon’s 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio is critical of President Trump’s plans to turn the festivities in Washington, D.C. into a rally with tanks and aircraft flyovers. 

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After reviewing 42 applicants and interviewing three finalists for its city manager position, the City of Springfield has decided to…keep looking.

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If House Democrats prevail, six years of President Trump’s tax returns may be disclosed. A lawsuit filed today seeks to enforce subpoenas, a move that Oregon Senator Ron Wyden supports. 

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A Close the Camps rally was held in downtown Eugene on Tuesday as part of a national protest of the U.S. policy of detaining migrant children.


Instead of incarcerating refugee children from countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio says the U.S. should invest in those countries to reduce violence and poverty. 

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Supporters of the Leaburg Fish Hatchery are celebrating after lawmakers gave the facility a last-minute reprieve this weekend.

Eugene Family YMCA

A legislative stalemate at the state Capitol threatens to delay construction of a new facility for the Eugene Family YMCA. The walkout by Republicans in the Oregon Senate is over a carbon emissions bill.


Both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate have passed emergency spending bills to aid the ongoing humanitarian crises at the U.S.-Mexico Border. Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley voted against both.

Senator Floyd Prozanski

As the walkout by Oregon Senate Republicans continues, longtime Eugene Democratic Sen. Floyd Prozanski says he thinks the tactic could signal a “new norm” for Oregon politics.

Senate Republicans have left the state in protest of a bill that would regulate carbon emissions. Their absence denies the majority Democrats a quorum, meaning the Senate can’t meet to vote on bills.

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Oregon’s 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio wants Congress to check President Trump’s actions in regard to Iran. He reintroduced his War Powers bill which clarifies that under the constitution, Congress must authorize military force. 

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Last week, the Eugene City Council passed an ordinance to fund community safety services with a payroll tax. Now, volunteers are gathering signatures to get the tax referred to voters.

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Oregonians could vote next year on whether to increase taxes on cigarettes and cigars. A legislative committee advanced a measure Tuesday that would hike the tobacco tax, and create a new tax on vaping products.