CAHOOTS: 24-Hour Service Makes A Difference

Dec 10, 2018

A crisis response program in Eugene is getting national attention after a Wall Street Journal article came out last month. CAHOOTS has been operating for nearly 30 years. It became a 24 hour / daily service only 2 years ago. 

CAHOOTS, or Crisis Assistance Helping Out in The Streets, responds to people in mental health crises in Eugene and Springfield. Operations Coordinator Tim Black says after the Eugene City Council approved funds to make the service available all day there was an increase in calls. “It’s been really helpful knowing that we can tell people that whenever, whenever there’s something that comes up that we’ll be there for them. And it just really made sense that all of the public safety options in Eugene, law enforcement, fire EMS, and CAHOOTs providing that behavioral health first response that we’re there to serve the community regardless of the time of day or night.”Black says he’s grateful for the national news coverage of CAHOOTS because it increases awareness. Roseburg and Olympia, Washington are among the communities looking to establish similar programs.  Copyright 2018 KLCC