Dear Listeners...We've Some Bad News About 2021's KLCC Brewfest...

Jan 11, 2021

Many of our loyal listeners have asked if we’re holding our annual KLCC Brewfest this year. The short answer is: “No.” 

Line of beers.
Credit Merritt Thomas / Unsplash

If you guessed COVID-19 is to blame, you’re right. Given pandemic protocols and the concern for people’s safety and well-being, KLCC has determined that its biggest fundraiser and community get-together…should not happen.

KLCC staffer Kris Fox (left) and former Brewfest co-coordinator Gayle Chisholm (right) at last year's event.
Credit KLCC Photo Booth / KLCC

Kris Fox is KLCC’s membership director and co-coordinator of the Brewfest.  She says this would’ve been the 20th anniversary of the event.

“We wish it were not so," said Fox. "But right now that would be Dr. Fauci’s worst nightmare, to have us all gathering in a place and enjoying ourselves with beer and 7,000 people. 

"We just knew early in October that wasn’t going to be able to happen.”

Fox says there could be some on-air and online acknowledgment on February 12-13, which was when this year’s Brewfest was supposed to happen.

But beer and public radio lovers can plan for February 11-12, 2022, when the next event is planned -- barring any more pandemics.

Beer mug, curious cat.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Fox suggests that in place of this year’s Brewfest, people support their local bar, tavern, pub, or microbrewery (safely, of course) and raise a glass to next year’s observance. 

Special note: With the cancellation of this year’s event, the annual music sale at the KLCC Brewfest is also canceled.  Please do not drop off LPs, CDs, or any forms of music as our station lacks the storage and we don’t want to hang onto them for 13 months! Thank you.

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