Governor's Order Could Help Flatten the Curve In Oregon

Mar 23, 2020

Governor Kate Brown’s executive order Monday telling people to stay home, could help flatten the curve for coronavirus in the state. 

A sign at a skate park in Keizer.
Credit Chris Lehman

At a press briefing, Lane County Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis said he hopes people will do what they’re told.

“We believe that if we abide by the governor’s recommendations and by her order and we follow those good public health practices, like proper respiratory hygiene, like social distancing, and really look at the thought process behind that, rather than just the specific recommendations, that we will flatten the curve. And the figures that I heard is that if we had 100 percent participation, this could be in that 14 day time range.”

Davis says that would be an ideal scenario. The governor’s order requires all non-essential businesses to close and for people to only leave the house for grocery shopping, or going for a walk, but to keep a 6-foot distance from others.