GOP Tax Bill Could Mean Less Charitable Giving In Oregon

Dec 19, 2017

In its current iteration, the Republican tax plan will likely dis-incentivize charitable giving. This could have long term effects in Oregon where there are a larger than national average number of non-profits, which rely on philanthropy.

Credit IRS

Jim White is Executive Director of the Non-Profit Association of Oregon. He says the current tax bill increases the standard deduction for individuals and couples so that it’s harder to itemize deductions. White says that tax deduction for charitable giving is a big incentive.

“We’re very concerned that this is going to mean some significant loss to private giving here in Oregon.” White says,  “We’re a very generous state, which is great. People here in Oregon really care about their communities. And they do that through both volunteering and giving through charitable non-profits.”

White says the tax bill – if enacted in its current form -- would put the charitable deduction out of reach for up to 90 percent of tax payers…an estimated loss of nearly 13 billion dollars a year. He also fears social service funding will suffer long term because of budget cuts necessary to make up for the deficit created by the tax proposal.