A Local Perspective on the SCOTUS Union Ruling

Jun 28, 2018

Public sector unions can no longer require non-union workers to pay dues or fees. KLCC got a local perspective on yesterday’s Supreme Court decision.

Bob Bussel is Director of the “Labor Education and Research Center" at the University of Oregon. He was not surprised by the high court’s decision.

BUSSEL: “The political right certainly characterizes this in terms of freedom. You know, you have freedom and you can get a service and you don’t have to pay for it. Now, many people in the union movement and elsewhere describe this as free-riding.”

Bussel says unions are required to represent workers regardless of whether the workers pay union dues or not. He says many unions have been pro-active in reaching out to their members in anticipation of this decision. And Bussel says, many are saying they are sticking with the union.