Mohawk Metal's Steel Solidifies New Amazon HQ Addition

Feb 26, 2018

Amazon’s Seattle headquarters has added an abstract, futurist look to the downtown. And a regional company provided tons of steel into the multi-sphered installation.

Amazon's new headquarters in Seattle.
Credit Mohawk Metal

Tony Bloom is President of Mohawk Metal, which has steel plants in Eugene and Vancouver, Washington. He says this is the most technical project his company’s ever undertaken.

“All of the plate steel that was formed and welded into the outside, what actually builds the domes, what holds the glass," explains Bloom.  "We used our lasers to laser cut about 2 million pounds of plate, and then used our very technical press brakes to bend those pieces into helixes, which then allowed another company to put them together, and actually create the dome.”

Other examples of Mohawk Metal’s work can be seen in the Ninkasi and Willamalane Gates, as well as the EmX bus stops.

Bloom says Pacific Northwest manufacturing is thriving again, after a three-year slump in the previous decade.

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