Thurston Middle School Presents Check To Local VFW

Nov 10, 2014

Thurston Middle School is known for its Veterans Day assembly. Monday, students presented a check to the local VFW, after fundraising last week.

Jim Matthews accepts the check for the local VFW.
Credit Karen Richards

The Thurston Middle School band welcomed about three dozen veterans and their families to the packed gymnasium. Principal Brandi Starck said the goal of the event was to understand the history and meaning of Veterans Day:

Starck: “We also want to take time to honor the veterans who live in and around our community. People who have continued to live here and continued to support our community, even after their service.”

The program included several speakers and video tributes. T.J. Trisolini served in the U.S. Army. He’s been part of the color guard here each Veterans Day:

Trisolini: “Every year it’s the same, but it’s just as great as ever. And I’m proud of these kids.”

Many students took a moment to thank a veteran and shake their hand before heading to class. Veterans Day is a no-school day throughout Eugene and Springfield.