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Locals find creative uses for donated sanitizer

The front counter of Heritage Distilling's Eugene store.
Noah Camuso
The front counter of Heritage Distilling's Eugene store.

Last year, the FDA announced that craft distilleries that were producing alcohol-based sanitizer during the pandemic would need to cease distribution by March 31st. KLCC's Noah Camuso reports on the creative ways locals have been using the surplus sanitizer.

Heritage Distilling’s CEO Justin Stiefel, says they had a lot of sanitizer left over in their Eugene warehouse to donate in a short amount of time. They asked around to see who might be interested.

“We've had farmers come pick up truckloads of it because, with the rising cost of oil and fuel and diesel, they found it works really well as a fuel additive,” Stiefel said.

Sanitizer can be repurposed for things like cleaning fluid or as fuel for some heating systems. Derek Mackenzie, who lives off the grid in a tiny home, says his friend heard about the free sanitizer from a Craigslist ad.

“I just immediately jumped at the opportunity because I mean, any solvent is really useful for me up here,” Makenzie.

With pandemic restrictions lifted, distilleries in Oregon are happy to go back to making spirits for drinking. Cheers!

Noah Camuso is a freelance reporter for KLCC.