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Holiday 'Glass Art' Hunt Features Northwest Artists


For those spending the holidays near Lincoln City, scouring the beaches might prove to be fruitful. More than 100 colorful glass floats will be hidden throughout 7.5 miles of the Oregon coast. And if you find one, you can keep it.

The glass floats are hidden from October to May, but a special drop on December 28 and 29th will leave hundreds on the beach. It's the 15th Anniversary of the "Finders Keepers" promotion. Lincoln City Visitor Center Spokesman Scott Humpert says the idea and concept came from original antique Japanese glass fishing floats that used to wash ashore from the Pacific.

Humpert: "They're not as common these days as a lot of fisherman switched to plastic floats and what-not, but that's kind of how the concept came about and we do a more modern twist on it to give it some more contemporary feel with a lot of varying designs and bright colors."

Humpert says most of the floats are 4 to 6 inches in size. They can be as big as 12 inches. If you find one, you can bring it to the Visitors' Center in Lincoln City and receive a certificate of authenticity. 

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