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Saturday Market Kicks Off 45th Season.


Eugene's Saturday Market begins its 45th season April 4th at the park blocks of 8th and Oak St. The local market began in 1970 and is a staple of the city. Kim Still is the Manager of Promotions and Advertising. She says what makes Eugene's market unique is the requirement products are produced by the individuals selling them.

Still: "A lot of personal energy gets passed around from people, people who have made things or are selling them directly; money is directly going back into the community without stopping by some middle man somewhere. This is a community that puts a lot of value on creativity and personal contact."

Still says they are working to make sure the booths are compliant with changes to the Eugene Springfield Fire code. She says they are working with a company to have custom weight bags available to meet wind regulations if needed.

The Saturday Market is open from 10 am to 5 pm.