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Eugene Hosts First ComicCon

Desmond O'Boyle

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
A spaceship costume is quite popular for pictures

The biggest Comic Convention, or ComicCon is held annually in San Diego, and one has just sprouted up in Eugene. The first EuCon was held over the weekend at the Lane Events Center. Many were dressed as their favorite super hero, villain, video game or movie character, or just checking out the attractions. ComicCons are no longer exclusive to comic books or graphic novels. Patrons of many forms of media participate nowadays leading to a surge in popularity. KLCC's Desmond O'Boyle asked people how ComicCons have changed over time.

Vegas PG: "I'm Vegas P.G., I'm a cosplayer, costume maker, and an actress in Eugene ComicCon."

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
Vegas PG as "Batgirl"

Reporter: "And you are dressed up as?"

Vegas PG: "Today, I'm Batgirl. It's ben really an interesting journey to see how they've grown and changed from these tiny tiny little venues that, I remember going to Comic Book conventions that were a couple of people in a comic book store. And now they are these massive events, all over the world. It's mind-boggling."

Hudlow: "My name is Scott Hudlow, the name of my business is Comic Wise. You know a lot of shows have really changed character. This is a brand new show, so it's going to establish its own character. But it's a reflection not only of the changing vendor pool, but also who is attracted to coming to these events. So that, as a result, you get a variety of different types of vendors but you also get a variety of different types of customers."

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
A line to get in stretches behind the Lane Events Center 30 minutes after EuCon opens

Prodoehl: "I'm Mike Prodoehl, and I'm selling happiness in the form laser swords, commonly known as light sabers. Look around, there is everybody from video games, TV shows, graphic novels, movies, ect, comic books from all years, for the last how many years? Now you come to one of these, it's like, nerd oasis. You can get your geek on, it's sweet."

Dixon: "My name is Brandy Dixon. Originally, I'm a comic book colorist, and I'm dressed as Maleficent from the recent movie."

Reporter: "What's it like being a women in this scene right now?"

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
Marcus Mariota as a superhero

Dixon: "Right now it's actually pretty cool. Because most people look and don't really notice women in the professional comic book industry as high as guys. So when you got a woman that sits there and makes an impression. It's like a wow moment."

Dekluyver: "Hello, I'm Peter Dekluyver. I'm dressed as Halo 4's Master Chief. As Cons morph, they kind of evolve over the years into things like cosplay. They have David Frank here from Power Rangers, the Green Ranger, here as a guest signee. Which is really quite good for a 'first year con.'"

Reporter: "Doug Vouchell helped organize EuCon. He's happy with the turnout, and a little surprised by how many people are attending."

Vouchell: "It's way more than just comic books now, we have a lot of personalities that are here like Jim 'Hacksaw' Dugan, Naomi Grossman from the horror show, so there are a lot of neat actors here, and a lot of people enjoy being able to meet their favorite TV personality at the different ComicCons."

Reporter: "Based off of today so far, do you anticipate there will be one going on next year?"

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
A vendor

Vouchell: "I'm pretty sure, based off of the response that we've had here, that we are for sure going to want to do it next year. That would be a fact."

Reporter: "Organizers estimate anywhere from four to six thousand people will attend Eugene ComicCon over the weekend."

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