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Bets Cole "Line, Value, Color"

Painter Bets Cole has a show at the Karin Clarke Gallery during the month of July 2017
Sandy Brown Jensen

Bets Cole: “Line, Value & Color” at the Karin Clarke Gallery, July 5 - July 29, 2017


A short video featuring Bets Cole

During the month of July, the Karin Clarke Gallery in downtown Eugene is showing work that sings with the vision and depth of an artist in full bloom. Artist Bets Cole says, "In order for work to be mature or have a maturity, it needs to have soul, it needs a depth. And you can’t just start as artist and know what the soul of your work is because it is a process. "

Bets Cole says that after thousands of drawings and paintings, she has come to understand the difference between marks that are a lie and those that are authentic: "I know what marks are, are true marks...and I am a storyteller. I tell about my day. I tell about the place. I tell about what I’m feeling."

The theme of the show is “Line, Value, Color,” but it could also have been called “The Passionate Painter,” "It’s the challenge of it! I absolutely LOVE art! I love the process of painting. I love the feel of a brush. I love mixing color. It’s just like bathing in chocolate."

Bets paints primarily out of doors. Over time, she has thought a lot about what it is she wants to express through her art, "As a painter, I needed to learn how to speak with my marks and with my color, and what I wanted to speak about. Did I want to put a novel in one painting, or did I want to speak just about a moment and make that really special?"

When you visit the show at the Karin Clarke Gallery, you will see Bets’s dramatic large-scale, charcoal drawings paired with her smaller, colorful acrylic paintings. The idea behind this was to showcase the range of Bets’s work: "So the concept of the show is “Line, Value, Color,” and the reason that Karin and I picked that name is that it showcases my loves: I love line, I love what you can do with line. This is showcasing what is really important to me as an artist."

Expect to see drawings and paintings radiant with Bet’s personality or soul, for as she says, "I want my paintings to have depth, or as you put it, soul, so there’s dimension in it; there’s heart--so I’ll use my line--it’ll go quick, slow, and then it’ll caress…"

You can enjoy the soul of Bets Cole at the Karin Clarke Gallery at 760 Willamette Street in downtown Eugene through July 29.

Find Bets Cole online at: http://www.betscole.com

Visit the Karin Clarke Gallery online at: http://www.karinclarkegallery.com/Bets-Cole.html

Viz City is co-produced by Terry Way and Sandy Brown Jensen.

Subject: Bets Cole, "Line, Value, Color" at the Karin Clarke Gallery

Date of Interview: July 29, 2017

Date of Broadcast: Wed. July 12, 2017

Script: Sandy Brown Jensen

Sound: Terry Way