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Skip's Records & CD World Announces Closing

After more than 30 years of buying and selling all things music, Skip’s Records & CD World is closing its doors.

Earlier this month, Skip Herman announced he’s closing CD World and retiring. The store’s success and longevity is a testament to the strength of Eugene’s ever-popular music scene.

Herman says that he fought the internet for 20 years, and that music streaming services have nothing to do with his decision to close.

As for his employees, “They’re all staying with me until the very end,” says Herman. “We’ve kept this thing open three years longer than we should have, and we kept it open because of the employees. The only reason I haven’t closed is because I didn’t want to put them out of work. But that’s going to happen now.”

Herman expects his stock to be completely liquidated by the end of August. Discounts will get bigger until everything is sold.

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