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Law Enforcement To Focus On Boating Under The Influence


This weekend, the Lane County Sheriff’s Department is focusing on waterways to prevent boating under the influence. Operation Dry Water is a nationwide effort from law enforcement agencies to catch and prevent BUI’s. 

The leading factors in boater deaths are directly related to alcohol and drug use. Lane County Sheriffs' Spokeswoman Carrie Carver says drinking a beer or two on a boat isn’t the same as having one at the house.

Carver: “You’re going to feel less than you would feel than you would out on the water with the sun and the water and all those factors coming in to play. So just to remind people that if you have a tolerance of alcohol, a certain limit off of the water, it’s going to be a little different on the water. And a boat can be a deadly object if it’s operated improperly.”

Carver says alcohol related incidents while boating isn’t season specific, although there are more cases in the summer. Penalties for a BUI can include having your vessel impounded, fines, and jail times. Marine officers will also be checking to see if people are following other rules like having proper registration or wearing life jackets.

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