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Eugene Police Compare Body Cameras

Kyra Buckley/KLCC

Body cameras will soon be part of the Eugene Police Department's uniform. But which brand will be used? Friday 8 different vendors displayed their products to officers. Captain Sherri Meisel says they look at durability and storage.

Meisel: "Some people would think; 'Oh, we just taker video with our phone.' There's a lot of data that has to be collected and stored. Well, if you start multiplying that by a number of officers over many hours during a day, there's a lot more at stake than just having the actual camera itself."

Credit Kyra Buckley/KLCC

Meisel says people are more likely to change their behavior when they know they are being recorded. EPD and Beaverton were the only two agencies in Oregon to receive grants from the Department of Justice to fund the cameras. The use of police body cameras has increased nationwide following instances of police misconduct, many times involving minorities.

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