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Graffiti Symbol Popping Up All Over Eugene

Desmond O'Boyle

A mysterious graffiti symbol is appearing all over Eugene. The large circle has two lines inside.  The tag first appeared near the University of Oregon.

The symbol is drawn or painted on surfaces such as guard rails, mail boxes, and fences. Colors range from black, red, and green. At this point, the Eugene Police Department doesn’t think it’s gang-related. Online forums have theorized the symbol could be an alchemy reference. Debbie Janecek is with EPD’s crime prevention unit. She explains what a profile of a graffiti tagger looks like.

Janecek: “It is generally a person who is looking for notoriety, looking for some street credibility. It can be symbols, it can be big bubble letters, it can sometimes be quite artistic looking, but really they are just looking for a way to get some street credibility with their peers.”

Janecek says EPD and a volunteer graffiti removal task force keeps pictures of each tag reported. If caught, a prosecutor could build a case and charge an individual with each tag.

If anyone has any information about the circular tag,

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
On Oak St.

please contact the Eugene Police Department.

Credit Desmond O'Boyle
Even a trash can

A guard rail near 18th and Willamette