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Fires Near Roseburg Put Residents On Notice To Evacuate


Due to a complex of wildfires the Douglas County Sheriff’s office today (Thursday) issued an evacuation notice for residents living between 1642 through 3200 Tison Road outside Roseburg.

The notice is a level 2 set evacuation. Residents should either voluntarily relocate somewhere outside the area or be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Doug Epperson is with the sheriff’s office and says machinery and almost 529 personnel on site.

Epperson: “We’re trying to put perimeter lines around these, dropping fire retardant and water on them to try to slow the progress and we can get them managed.”

Epperson says the South Umpqua Complex Fires were caused by lighting on Sunday morning. There are currently 7 blazes being fought with smaller smokes being investigated. 

For up-to-date fire information residents can call 541-825-3295.