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Largest coastal earthquake drill held at Newport Airport

A helicopter with a person dangling from it is in the air, another helicopter is on a runway, buildings in the distance.
Noah Camuso
The Coast Guard and Life Flight performed rescue helicopter demonstrations to a crowd of first responders, Emergency Management personnel, and state legislators.

Partners around the state held an earthquake preparedness drill on Wednesday at the Newport Municipal Airport.

A grid of tan-colored tents covered a grassy field at Lincoln County’s new Evacuation Assembly Point. The site is designed to provide food and shelter to people who will need to be evacuated from the area during a disaster.

During the exercise, volunteers and first responders assembled the camp in less than four hours. After that, came a series of aerial demonstrations, including a drone delivering medical supplies, and a simulated helicopter rescue with the U.S. coast guard.

Tents set up in tow rows on grass with people at tables between the tents.
Noah Camuso
The Evacuation Assembly Point is designed to provide food and shelter to about 80 people for two weeks.

Lincoln County’s Emergency Manager Samantha Buckley encouraged individuals around the state to assess their own preparedness for a natural disaster like the Cascadia Earthquake.

“Think about how you would be prepared for this event and what kind of steps you can take, even if it’s just a small one, to start to think through that preparedness today,” Buckley said.

According to Buckley, households should be prepared to survive for two weeks on their own.

Noah Camuso is a freelance reporter for KLCC.
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