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Oregon Taxpayers May Qualify for "Kicker"

The Oregonian

Thanks to a $402 million dollar tax surplus, Oregon taxpayers could receive a credit or "kicker" on their tax returns this year.

In Oregon’s constitution, there’s provision that says if actual revenue exceeds what is forecasted by 2% or more, then that entire amount gets returned to taxpayers. That’s according to Bob Estabrook, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Estabrook: “Once upon a time, the corporate kicker was also returned to corporate tax filers. A few years ago, that was changed so that that money goes into Education Stability Fund. But, the individual income tax kicker remains as a refund to those individual income taxpayers.”

And those kickers used to arrive in the form of a check, but to avoid the expense of printing paper checks and added security against identity theft, it’ll appear as a credit on your 2015 personal income tax returns.

To calculate your kicker amount, go to the Oregon Department of Revenue’s website and click on the “What’s My Kicker” link.

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