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Eugene Police Remind Public Of New Fireworks Ordinance

City of Portland

Fireworks go on sale Tuesday in Eugene. The Eugene Police Department is reminding people to keep Fourth of July celebrations safe and legal.

Last year, the Eugene City Council approved two new changes to the city’s fireworks code. Legal ones like spinners, wheels and fountains can be purchased only from retailers between June 23 and July 6 and December 31 through January 1. Any illegal fireworks like bottle rockets, firecrackers and any other types that explode carry a maximum fine of 2,500 dollars.

Melinda McLaughlin with the Eugene Police Department says illegal fireworks can be dangerous to both people and pets.

“Some things that people can do to make their pets safer: keep them away from a lot of sound and noise. Also, veterans sometimes suffering from PTSD their PTSD can be activated by loud noises like fireworks because it can sound a lot like gunshots. So those are things to consider when you’re in a neighborhood and you’re wanting to celebrate.”

Eugene police encourage people to report illegal fireworks. This Sunday, individuals can turn in banned fireworks to the fire station at 2nd Avenue and Chambers. People turned in over 200 pounds of illegal fireworks during last year’s Fireworks Amnesty Turn-in Day.

The non-profit organization Cody’s Friends For Fire Safety is distributing yard signs for pet owners and veterans.