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Wolverine spotted along Columbia River, near Portland

Wolverine spotted along Columbia river, near Portland.
Submitted photo
Cascadia Wild
Wolverine spotted along Columbia river, near Portland.

A wolverine has been spotted along the Columbia River, near Portland. It resembles a small bear and doesn't have a skeleton reinforced with adamantium, like the fictional "X-Men" superhero, Wolverine.

Wolverines are the largest member of the weasel family and this Monday’s sighting is the first confirmed report of a wolverine in Oregon outside of the Wallowa Mountains in over 30 years.

The mammal is rare and listed as threatened in the state.

Following the sighting, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife biologists visited the area and also found a set of wolverine tracks.

ODFW and Cascadia Wild have set up two non-invasive monitoring stations nearby - each with a motion-detecting camera and a hair-collecting device.

Cascadia Wild and ODFW encourage people to report additional sightings of the wolverine.

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