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Study Says Many People Don't Handle Food Properly At Home


A new study says many consumers aren't handling food properly, particularly at barbecues. According to the University of California, Davis, 64% of people cooking at home didn't wash their hands before preparing a meal and 38% didn't wash their hands after handling raw chicken. The study also found many people still wash chicken before cooking it, which can cause pathogens to spread easily. Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Katy Coba says many times people don't see a connection between salmonella and their own kitchen.

Coba: “The study found that most people are very aware of foodborne illnesses, but the vast majority of people believe the source of that illness is outside their home.”

Coba says poor food handling habits tend to occur more when people are hosting guests, such as during summer barbecues.

Coba: “Often times the product they are barbecuing is chicken. So it’s a great time to make sure we are emphasizing for all consumers these key issues.”

Coba is participating in a consumer education effort this summer with Department's of Agriculture in Washington, and California.

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