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New Form Makes Communication Easier Between Patients And Doctors

Chris Thomas

There's a new system to help patients organize multiple medications and communicate with their doctors. It's called the "My Easy Drug System."

The "MEDS" system is designed to create easy communication between pharmacists, doctors, and patients to keep track of what they are taking and why. CareOregon is a nonprofit that serves the health care needs of low-income Oregonians. James Slater is Director of Pharmacy services for CareOregon. He says an the organization form starts with the name of the drug and the dosage.

Slater: "And then right underneath, they’re asked to write what they take it for. Many people lose track of why they’re taking a medication, for what condition – and unfortunately, that’s not often on the medication bottle. And it’s really important, because that helps them work on side effects and know which medicines fit together."

Slater says the form is designed to be easy to understand. It uses symbols like smiley and frowny faces to describe how a patient is reacting to certain prescriptions. The one-page form is available online.

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