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Eugene Parents Lobby Theater To Show VAXXED


Friday June 10th the documentary film VAXXED comes to the David Minor Theater in Eugene. The movie has been called controversial because it asserts the MMR vaccine may cause autism.

Eugene parent Stacey Black first saw VAXXED in Atlanta earlier this year.

Black: “When I saw the film I said, ‘I want to bring this to my community,’ because I know there are people just like me who research vaccines, and they care and they want to do what’s best for their child and the community.”

Black says the Facebook group she started grew to more than 500 members. Some called local theaters and asked them to show the film—David Minor Theater agreed.

The privately funded film follows the story of an alleged whistleblower’s claims the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supposedly omitted information from a study connecting the MMR vaccine to autism.

Jason Davis is with Lane County Health and Human services. He says the County disagrees with the film’s claims but supports increased awareness of vaccines.

Davis: “We think that vaccines are based upon solid science with years and decades of research.”

Black says people should have as much information as possible.

Black: “If we know better, we can do better. How can we improve our public health situation if we don’t have all the details?”

VAXXED runs through June 16th.