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Pet Owners Reminded to be Cautious on Fourth of July

As Fourth of July approaches, animal control services and shelters remind pet owners to take precautions to preserve their pet’s safety during firework celebrations.




Since most fireworks will be set off in residential neighborhoods this year, pets may react unexpectedly at home.


Community engagement manager for Greenhill Humane Society, Megan Brezovar, suggested pet-proofing one room of a house so that an anxious or frightened animal doesn’t hurt itself during a loud firework display.


“Anyone can go buy fireworks, so you never know where they’re going to be,” said Brezovar, “and especially the night of Fourth of July, there’s so many loud, banging, crashing noises. You can’t explain it to animals, so it’s really in everyone’s best interest to bring them inside. Even outdoor animals. if you have a safe place like a garage, you’re preventing them from getting lost.”


In some cases, outdoor animals may dig their way out of a yard or jump a fence and run away until they don’t know where they are. 


Brezovar said that a pet may continue feeling frightened for weeks after a celebration, and that it is a pet owner’s responsibility to alleviate any stressful situations. 


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