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COVID-19 Cases Surge in Lane County, Officials Encourage Testing, Vaccines

Jen Wright

Lane County is experiencing a surge in COVID cases, a significant number of them testing positive for the Delta variant.

Two-hundred and sixty-four cases were confirmed yesterday in Lane County, in a 24-hour record, and 16,632 cases overall.

Today, 183 new cases have been confirmed, with one-third hospitalized. Thirty of the cases are from Lane County, and two are on ventilators. Eighty-five percent of those hospitalizations are unvaccinated individuals.

Lane County Health and Human Services Public Information Officer Jason Davis said the Delta variant is showing up in cases.

“With 52 Delta samples overall, I think it’s safe to say that Delta is quickly becoming the dominant strain of COVID cases in Lane County, and based on what we’ve seen in other areas, we have no reason to believe that it won’t take hold completely and really represent the majority of our overall cases,” Davis said.

Of the 52 Delta cases, 20 are unvaccinated individuals, and 32 are vaccinated.

Cases in children are being traced back to childcare facilities and summer camps, but are only a part of the picture. Other cases are traced back to large events, like the Lane County Fair and the Oregon Jamboree.

Officials are encouraging people to get tested, and get vaccinated. Lane County Public Health Officer Patrick Leudtke said vaccinations are vital.

“Vaccination is how this pandemic ends. Now is the time to get vaccinated, to keep our businesses and communities open, and prevent more severe illnesses and deaths,” Luedtke said.

Vaccines lessen the symptoms of COVID and can lessen the transmission of the virus to others.



Lane County’s rate of positive COVID tests is 10.9%, which Leudtke said means more testing needs to happen.



Additionally, Lane County Public Health is offering $50 Visa giftcards to anyone over the age of 12 who receives a vaccine shot at one of their clinics.



The first clinic is today from 4-6 p.m. at Churchill High School.


Jen is an intern for KLCC, through the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism. This is her first radio news job. She is Oregon-born and raised and loves writing, reading and recording. Her favorite things to write about are community and social justice issues, LGBTQIA+ news and history, and cultural deep-dives.