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Reflect On Your Values Before Holiday Shopping, Says Lane County Recycling Expert

As shoppers head out to snatch up Black Friday deals, one Lane County Recycling expert suggests reflecting on how you feel about last year's holidays before making purchases.

Kelly Bell leads Lane County's Master Recycler Program. She found a values worksheet on a parenting blog that has you ask yourself questions about last year's holiday season. What stresses did you face? Did you have too many activities on your calendar? And Bell's favorite:

Bell: "Did inappropriate influences enter your home last year? Were décor, clothing or gift buying decisions influenced by competiveness or insecurity? Did the pace of the season affect family closeness or values?"

Bell says it doesn't mean a complete blackout on shopping; just finding other ways of showing loved ones you care. She suggests volunteering together, getting someone a membership or a coupon book for helpful services and activities that can make lasting memories.

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