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Managing O&C Forestlands: Perspectives Of A Conservationist & An Economist

Recorded on December 13, 2013

Air Date: December 16, 2013

O&C forestlands make up only about 13 percent of all federal forestlands in Oregon and about 8 percent of all Oregon forestlands. The O&C forestlands are interspersed checkerboard fashion among parcels of privately owned forestlands. Under these circumstances, does it really matter whether some of the O&C lands are opened to industrial harvesting of timber?

In the City Club’s final program on the O&C issues, Greg Haller and Ernie Niemi will present their perspectives on the issues involved.

Proponents of logging take the position that the jobs associated with timber harvesting and wood products manufacturing create revenue for forest?rich but cash?strapped counties. Others ask whether the revenues gained from logging O&C lands would outweigh the value of conservation?related goods and services that would be lost if O&C lands are logged. Some wonder whether counties that have given up much or all of their logging to benefit the public at large, should be fairly compensated for that sacrifice.

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