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Groups Gather To Show Support For Young Immigrants

Photo courtesy of the Oregon AFL-CIO.

Some Oregonians are concerned for the thousands of children crossing the southern U.S. border from Central America. Last week, a small group gathered in Portland to express concerns holding up signs welcoming the young immigrants.

Dave Fidanque is member of Oregon's American Civil Liberties Union. He describes a class action lawsuit filed earlier this month in Seattle.

Findanque: "We're seeking for the courts to order the government to appoint attorneys to represent these children. They have a right under our Constitution; they have the right under international human-rights agreements that the U.S. has agreed to."

Findanque and other children advocate groups want Congress to approve President Obama's request for more funding to deal with the influx of young immigrants, but he is doubtful it will get approved.

Findanque: "A measure is moving forward in the Senate to cut that funding request substantially. And what is not part of that request is a provision to provide all these children with court-appointed attorneys."

Findanque thinks the Republican controlled House of Representatives are more concerned with deporting young immigrants than reforming policy.

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