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Study Says Policy Will Determine Economic Impact Of Marijuana In Oregon

A study released by an Oregon State University sociologist says policy will determine the economic impact of legal marijuana. A recently published report is being cited by policymakers crafting marijuana legislation in Oregon.

Oregon voters will decide in November whether to legalize recreational marijuana production and use. OSU researcher Seth Crawford says the price for the average consumer will determine if someone chooses to buy pot legally.

Crawford: "They are much more likely to stay in that grey market if the prices are very high on the legal market."

If Marijuana is legalized in Oregon, Crawford says the state could net anywhere from 35 to 105 million dollars. He says the reason for the wide estimate is there wasn't much data on the level of personal production and use.

Crawford: "Before the study no one was really sure how much individuals consumed on average and whether or not there was much of a difference between particular demographic groups."

Crawford says when he first submitted his paper for peer review there was no proposed legislation. His study also says small scale pot producers would have the most to lose if the Oregon Liquor Control Commission sets a high tax rate.

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