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New Purchasing Guidelines Designed To Make Oregon Agencies Greener


New guidelines in Oregon are designed to direct state agencies to purchase fewer toxic products. Chief Operating Officer Michael Jordan approved the new guidelines Wednesday. Some examples are; using owls to control rats instead of poison, or buying less toxic cleaning products. The changes were prompted by Governor John Kitzhaber in 2012 as part of an effort to increase the number of people and plant friendly products state agencies use. Department of Administrative Services Spokesman Mathew Shelby says what makes Oregon unique is its size.

Shelby: "If we get all state agencies working together, we're a pretty sizeable purchaser, and because of that buying power, we can really drive the market. If suppliers know they have a committed customer in Oregon state government, they are much more likely to invest in developing those safer alternatives."

Shelby says agencies aren't required to follow the guidelines. They were developed over the last year by a green chemistry committee appointed by the Governor.

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