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Ballot Measure Speed Dating

Meeting Date: September 12, 2014

Air Date: September 15, 2014

Speakers both for and against four of the seven ballot measures will try to persuade members and guests to vote pro or con. City Club has invited proponents and opponents to explain the measures and answer your questions about Alternative Driver Licenses, an Equal Rights Amendment, Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms, and the Oregon Legalized Marijuana Initiative.

The Oregon Alternative Driver Licenses Referendum (SB 833) would make a four-year driver license available to those who cannot prove they are legally in the United States. Proponents say passage of the measure would make the roads safe. Opponents see it as a reward for illegal behavior and say that legal immigration status should be a prerequisite for holding a driver license in Oregon.

Oregon law protects people from discrimination on the basis of gender, but proponents of the Oregon Equal Rights for Women Initiative want gender equality in the state and its political subdivisions enshrined in Oregon’s constitution. Opponents of the measure say that the current law provides sufficient protection.

The Oregon Mandatory Labeling of GMOs Initiative would require labeling of certain genetically modified foodstuffs and those that contain genetically modified organisms. Proponents will discuss why such products should be labeled, and opponents why such labeling is unnecessary. Both sides may talk about the potential impact that such labeling might have on food prices and the economy?

Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana argue that regulating and taxing it could provide public safety and financial benefits to the state. Opponents contend that, because of conflict with federal law, legalization could create new problems. 

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