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Challenger In Roseburg Mayor Race Thinks A New Face Would Be Good For City.


The City of Roseburg has two candidates on the ballot for mayor this year. Incumbent Larry Rich has served 8 terms as mayor. He is being challenged by Transportation Planning Manager, Mike Baker.

Credit www.nrtoday.com
Roseburg Mayor Larry Rich

Larry Rich works as the Assistant Principle at Roseburg High School. He’s proud of infrastructure projects he’s worked on including the Highway 138 Corridor and Waterfront Improvements. Rich describes himself as the same person regardless if there is an election going on.

Rich: “I don’t say rosy things during the season and then be somebody different outside of the campaign time. I’ll walk my talk, so when I tell people, ‘Hey this is where we’re going and this is what we’re working on,’ you’ll find that I will follow through and stay true to my word.”

Rich adds a rising homeless population in Roseburg needs to be addressed.

Credit http://onyourballot.vote411.org
Challenger Mike Baker

Challenger Mike Baker wants to develop "fast track" permitting within the city to promote growth, and create a day where individuals and community groups participate in service projects to benefit those in need. He also wants to find ways to compensate public safety institutions suffering from lower O & C timber revenue.

Baker: “Also, I would take a look at eliminating the Transportation System Development Charge. It’s just an issue here in Roseburg that raises the ire of many people and just upsets folks and introduces a lot of uncertainty in the development process. It doesn’t need to be there, particularly when it doesn’t raise much money to begin with.”

Baker thinks Mayor Larry Rich has done a good job during the last eight terms, but he thinks a new face would be good for the city. Roseburg citizens have until November 4th to vote.

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