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Obama Talks Trade Deal at Nike

Associated Press

President Barack Obama was at Nike's campus near Beaverton Friday, pitching the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

The president said a progressive, high-standard trade agreement like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, would open new markets and support high-quality jobs. He used Nike factories across the world as an example

Barack Obama: "Under this agreement, Vietnam would actually for the first time have to actually rase its labor standards. It would have to set a minimum wage. It would have to pass safe workplace laws to protect it's workers. It even have to protect workers freedom to form unions, for the very first time. That would make a difference."

SOUND: Chanting "Fast Track, TPP, Just don't do it. Fast Track, TPP, Just don't do it. "

Outside Nike's campus, about 75 protesters chanted and held placards. They said past trade agreements have made it easier for companies to move manufacturing overseas.
Nike used the event to say that if the agreement passes,it would create up to 10,000 advanced manufacturing jobs in the US.

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